30 Days

Our healthy living journey started here.

We knew we wanted a healthier lifestyle and tried a few different plans and restrictions but always ended up back where we started which is not the path we wanted to be on.   We wanted a true LIFEstyle change and this program got us there.  

Before we get into a few details about the program though lets talk about a few things first.   Yes Arbonne is a direct sales company and yes we are consultants (which simply means you get your own personal advisor).  But, we are also people with extremely high standards when it comes to our health and the products we use.  If the nutritional products and the program did not meet our expectations then this page would simply not exist.  As users ourselves and after coaching over 30 people successfully through this program, we can confidently say we know how to get the most out of this process.  

Our quick 30 second explanation of the program.

Remove inflammatory foods and ingredients.  Add in nutrient rich foods and ingredients.  Increase fiber and water intake to help your body get rid of the bad stuff and start absorbing the good stuff.  Use clean Arbonne nutritional products to supplement and assist your body throughout.  Feel good.  Keep going.  Learn some more.  Keep going.  Feel even better.  Be healthy and enjoy your new lifestyle.

Everything you get.

You get us as personal advisors throughout, access to our Healthy Living Facebook groups, and a 30 Day Healthy Living value pack with a ton of stuff.

  • Meal replacement vegan protein shakes
  • Fiber boost powder
  • Pre and Pro biotic digestive enzymes to help your gut perform like it should
  • Detoxifying tea to help out your kidneys and liver
  • 7 day cleanse drink packets to help move things along
  • Energy fizz sticks to replace those energy drinks and coffee

Ready for some Healthy Living?

If you are ready for this or have a few questions please don’t hesitate to email us at info@learnedbyus.com.  Trust us when we say this is a journey worth taking.


Brandon and Leah