30 Days of Thankfulness

Raise your hands if you love Instagram?  We do too (you can find us @LearnedByUs)!

There are over 800 million users worldwide which is a staggering number.  Brandon and I can easily get lost in the beautiful pictures of travel destinations, quotes, and yes, even food!  We also get stuck on content sometimes.  We could take pictures all day of our kids but we also would like to share other things, as our life is more than just those sweet girls.

Every now and then I would get into a photo a day ‘challenge’ and always enjoyed it.  You may have seen them floating around Instagram or Pinterest.  Since November is the month of thankfulness, being grateful, and reflecting on what we have, I thought why not start a challenge for the month of November that will help us share all we have to be thankful for with friends, family, and the LearnedByUs community.

Here is the challenge.  Follow the calendar below and post on Instagram each day starting November 1st.  Use a photo that best captures the topic of the day, be sure to tag us, and include a thankful caption.  Simple!!!   Be creative and have fun.  We look forward to seeing and learning about your thankfulness.