5 Habits To Help You Eat Healthier

If you are trying to eat healthier or thinking about it then here are a few habits that helped us out and may help you too.

1) Make healthy tasteful.

It is important to NOT equate healthy with tasteless.  If this is a habit of yours then you may want to consider changing that because this is a bad mindset to have and will derail your healthy eating lifestyle.  Learning new and tasty ways to cook and combine vegetables helped us make them our main courses instead of just small sides.  Steamed veggies equals boring but roasted veggies sautéed with nutritional homemade seasonings equals yes please.  Visit our worth eating page for few goodies.

2) Keep your fridge stocked with healthy food.

If you have healthy food one refrigerator door opening away at all the times and no processed junk to fall back on, the temptation to make poor choices is removed and you’ll always have something healthy to eat available to you.

3) Know how to be economical

A healthier lifestyle can be more expensive if you let it.  We hear a lot from family and friends that they can’t eat healthy because it is too expensive.  Truth is you can and should eat healthy without a bill that will stress you out.  Start buying fruits and vegetables in season, shop at farmers markets, buy in bulk and make at home, look for the healthier stuff that is on sale and stock up, prepare your own food, know the meals that make great leftovers and include them in your weekly menu, and stop eating meat or at least less of it, it is expensive.

4) Plan your meals

Whether it is tomorrow’s breakfast or lunch, cutting up your veggies for the week, or taking time Sunday to plan out and shop for your meals, planning ahead and prepping your food is the key ingredient in any healthy lifestyle.

5) Try new foods

This habit did not come easy to us but we are so grateful we have it now.  If you want a more balanced and healthier life then you need to get used to eating new foods.  Give foods you would normally say no to a chance.  Worst that will happen is you won’t like it, but if you do like it, you now have another menu item to add. Even if you don’t like something then try it prepped a different way or combined with other foods that will help you like it.

We hope these habits find there way into your life, we are so grateful they made it into ours.