5 Signals You Need A Spontaneous Weekend Adventure

Life is a balance of many things.  A lot of us go through the week juggling whatever we need to so we can take care of our family, job, house, bills, pets etc.  These things tend to build up to the point where we either end up working more on weekends than we did during the week, or we just want to shut down and not do anything because we are exhausted. Both circumstances are ok and sometimes necessary for us to stay on track …… but there comes a point where sometimes you need an adventure to regain yourself a bit.  Here are 5 signals telling you that you have reached that point.

1) Your week was absolute and utter crap.

Sometimes we have those weeks where everything relentlessly goes wrong and you are mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted by the end of it. Best thing to do is pack up and head somewhere or do something that will help reenergize you for the next week.  Last thing you want to do is let you mind replay that absolute and utter crap all weekend.

2) You can only think about work when you are home.

It can be hard to turn your brain off when you get home from work, especially if you have a lot going on.  If you find yourself constantly thinking about work, talking about work, or dreaming about work when you are home then you probably need to detox your brain with a weekend jaunt.

3) You are at work daydreaming about anything other than work.

On the contrary from #2, you may be at work thinking about everything but work.  This is natural I think as we are not meant to be bees serving the hive but if you find yourself daydreaming at work more and more about that over water deck in Maldives (that’s me), or that ridgeline hike in Zion (that’s also me) rather than focusing on or demonstrating concern for your company’s goals and well-being, it’s time to head out and feed the hunger so you can get back to work more focused.

4) You are steadily bored out of your mind.

Moping around the house? Wondering aimlessly at the grocery store? Then pack up the tent and leave for a night, or two.

5) Your gut is telling you that you need it.

Occasionally you get a feeling that you need an adventure for whatever reason. The weekend is approaching…… the weather ended up nicer than you thought….. but you did not plan on doing something. Don’t matter, listen to your gut, take that drive, do something awesome, have fun, and take lots of photos.


Helpful tip here folks – when heading out on your spontaneous adventure don’t bite off more than you can chew or it might end up being more stressful than beneficial. If something requires some serious thoughtful or advanced planning you may not want to cram that into a weekend.

Keep it simple and do it for you. Happy adventuring.