7 Common Toxins to Avoid if you Love Your Skin and Health

Do you know what is in the personal care products you use everyday?  If I were asked that question 2 years ago I would have said nope, not the slightest.  I was more focused on the food aspect of healthy living and totally not paying attention to what I was putting on my skin, washing my hair with, soaking in the tub with, or using for makeup… all of which is absorbed by my skin, and ultimately into my blood stream and body.  Hmmmm… when you think about it like that skincare starts to sound a lot like internal care to me.  Not convinced?  How do nicotine and birth control patches work?  I will let you “absorb” that one.

Most of us know the absorption capabilities of our skin but for various reasons, we still tend to overlook that fact in our daily lives.  The truth is when you make a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle it simply cannot be just food, and exercise.  You have to commit to your skin as well or you are still exposing your organs to damaging toxins.  Here are some things to consider when thinking about it from this perspective:

  • The average woman uses over 500 chemicals in a day.  Even if you don’t wear make up, I am sure you wear deodorant, wash your hair, and brush your teeth.  Hopefully, at least one of those.
  • Our bodies absorb 60 percent of what we use in less than a minute.
  • Yes, some chemicals are too large for skin to absorb, but a majority of products that touch skin are small enough to penetrate it.
  • If it is going on your skin you have to assume it is going into your body.

When I started looking into these facts I quickly thought of my kids.  They are 8 and 11 years old.  Not quite at the stage where skincare is needed but I know we will be there before we know it.  Do I want them loading their bodies with toxic chemicals when there are other products that are safe?  No way!  Not as long as I can control it.

So…..I started researching ingredients to determine what was good, what was ok, and what was bad.  I was quickly overwhelmed with scientific terms and medical terminology which was difficult to understand, and even harder for me to apply when choosing safe and beneficial products.  The constant worry about each ingredient in every product can get exhausting but I encourage you to not give up when you demand a certain standard.

To help you with this I put together this handy infographic on what to look for.  I hope this is a simple way to help you build awareness in your products, and ultimately find what is best for you, your family, and your lifestyle.