7 Lessons We Have Learned From Our Kids…. So Far

There are a lot of articles / blog posts out there that talk about how kids can teach us life’s greatest lessons like being fearless, using your imagination, and enjoying life. But if you’re paying close attention, they will also teach you some subtle yet essential life lessons. Though these 7 lessons are pretty specific to our kids, I bet you still find things you can relate to.

1) It is absolutely possible for food likes to change overnight.

We didn’t know you could go to bed liking one thing, then the next day it is absolutely appalling.

2) Never eat a grape if it is squishy.

We always thought you just grab a grape and eat it, but apparently they need to pass a pressure test first. Same goes to blueberries evidently.

3) Walking 5 miles at Disneyland is totally different than hiking 5 miles.

When you cross the gates into Disneyland you get magical I can walk everywhere without complaining powers. Powers that don’t exist when you cross a trailhead.

4) If you get a gift card it must be used immediately.

Apparently gift cards expire within the week you receive one.

5) Our memories really are not that great.

Kids seem to have ridiculous memories and it is best to keep them close not because we don’t want to lose them, but because we don’t want to get lost ourselves.

6) Negotiating is a critical life skill.  

Sometimes you don’t know you have entered into a negotiation until you have lost.

7) We still have a lot to learn.

We are starting to realize that as our kids grow, we have to grow a little bit too. Obviously we are not going to be getting taller anytime soon, but it is important to take the time and reflect on what you are learning from them and about them. You should always seek to understand them better so you know what their strengths and weaknesses are, what effects them emotionally, how they are treating others, and most importantly what tactics they are using against you (just kidding, not the most important one).

Don’t worry, once you get it all figured out, it will change.