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Don’t Let Going Healthy Overwhelm You

Whether you are transitioning you’re eating lifestyle or thinking about a complete change you need to be prepared for something – Eating healthy is simple, but going healthy is not easy. When you commit to a healthier way of living the first thing to understand is you are making an absolutely and positively awesome decision.  The second thing to understand…

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10 Easy to Use Superfoods

Before we get into this one you need to know what a superfood actually is because we have learned there is no real scientific definition for it.  So to put it in simple terms, it is essentially a food packed with stuff that shields our bodies from cell damage and helps prevent disease.   Still sounds super right?  Wait though, there…

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The How Not to Die Cookbook

The How Not to Die Cookbook: 100+ Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease  Why you’d love it – Great tasting recipes with the confidence that they are good for your body, yes please!!!!!  It very simply explains the ideas behind the whole food, plant based diet with easy to follow plans.  My kind of book. You also get sample menus…

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Confessions of an Ex-Bread Addict

**Disclosure.  The following does not contain affiliate links and I do not get paid for anything from the links below.  These are all my honest thoughts and no one has paid me to say anything.** Hi, I am Leah and I am a recovering bread addict! I used to work at a large grocery store and on my break, my lunch…

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5 Things Learned So Far With Plant-Based Eating

It has been three months since plants have officially took root in my life. Meat (except the occasional fish and egg) and dairy have moved out, and wouldn’t you know, I am still alive and happy. Why plants are taking over my lifestyle? Three years ago I had a kidney stone that was the most painful thing I ever experienced…

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Hand washing for health

I am talking about hand washing…  a not so fun topic but an important one. BUT I think you should read on if your health matters to you 🙂 Were you taught to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ two times in a row with warm soapy water when washing your hands as a young child?  OH- just me?  What did you do?…

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What I learned about Chinese Therapy

Did you catch Michael Phelps at the 2016 summer Olympics? If so, you may have noticed the big dark circles on his back. It looked like he had been attacked- or maybe that was just my thoughts? What was it you ask? Have you ever heard of Cupping? It brought attention to that very thing. Cupping therapy is a traditional…

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Below are some of my tips for eating healthy while staying on somewhat of a budget. Many people think that eating healthy is expensive. AND it can get out of hand real quick if you don’t watch what is going into your cart. Let me start with I am not a big coupon person. Most of the coupons I find…

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Eight Reminders for a Healthier You

First… a little back story.  I promise to get to the reminders real soon! In September 2016 I randomly hurt my back – just by standing up.  I remember being in so much pain as I hobbled around my home.  After resting for about a week and realizing the pain was the same, I finally decided to go to the…

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