Choosing What NOT To Do Is Actually A Good Thing

Saying yes to everything is an easy trap to fall into and trying to do too much at once never works out.  Your time and energy are both finite and valuable.  If you are always saying yes when you really want to say no then you are just giving your time and energy away.

Here is a surfing analogy to illustrate (There are surfing analogies for all aspects of life):

If I paddle to catch every single wave forming in front of me no matter what it looks like, the result will be me tired and frustrated because I wasted my energy trying to catch bad waves.  Sure I would have caught a few good ones but my surf session would end early because I would be exhausted.  Now if I was selective and only committed to waves with the most potential, then my energy would be used catching better waves, my surf session would be longer, and I would undoubtedly be happier.

Make sense?

There have been many times in my life where I committed myself to everything coming my way in order to please others which was usually at the expense of my own physical, mental, and emotional health.  I would have the tendency to take on more projects than I actually had time and energy for because I was either worried about disappointing somebody, too afraid to say no, or wanting to impress others.

Is this sounding familiar?

If so then you sound like me a bit and should probably change your ways because over-committing yourself = stress, and stress = bad stuff.

Here are a few things you can do to make choosing what NOT to do a tad easier.

1) Ask yourself if that thing will add value.  If so, is the value worth the time and energy investment.  If not then don’t do it, or put it lower on the priority list.

2) Know the available time you have each day.  Take time at some point to plan out your week.  Look at what the big projects are, figure out how much time you want to commit to those, then look at the remaining time and decide how much of that you want to give to others.

3) Learn to be ok disappointing people.  It simply comes down to you or them sometimes so make peace with choosing you and not feeling bad about it.

4) Don’t commit blindly, be selective, and get out and surf so you can have awesome life analogies too.