Confessions of an Ex-Bread Addict

**Disclosure.  The following does not contain affiliate links and I do not get paid for anything from the links below.  These are all my honest thoughts and no one has paid me to say anything.**

Hi, I am Leah and I am a recovering bread addict!

I used to work at a large grocery store and on my break, my lunch would be an entire loaf of hot, out of the oven, fresh french bread.  You know, the ones right next to the check out stand.  Can you smell it?

In High School and College, I would carb load like it was the popular thing to do.  Somewhere between College and my mid 30’s, something changed.  I physically started to ache.  No fun when you are trying to live an active lifestyle.

I knew it was time for a change.  I cut off myself from my love of bread.

I have been gluten-free since mid-March of this year and it has been one of the best things I could have done for my health.

In general, I am less bloated, have clearer skin, and less achy joints. YAY!

Many people ask if I have Celiac Disease and that is why I cut out gluten?? Simply, the answer is no, I am not allergic to the point where it could severely harm me. However, I believe that there is a link between gluten and inflammation. I am not sure if it is the pesticides sprayed on the crops or the over processing of the wheat, but I feel best not eating it. I like to say I am sensitive to it.

SO, what does one do when you love bread but don’t want to eat the gluten?? Well… You get to experiment in the kitchen a little.

I have found many ‘new’ favorites and am realizing that I can live without the nice warm loaf of French bread… no matter how good it smells 🙂

Here are some of my favorite gluten-free tips and recipes.

  • Pasta… yes, I still eat pasta and thankfully I have found a great replacement. I will only eat Brown Rice Pasta. It is the closest I have found to regular pasta and doesn’t have an odd aftertaste.
  • Pizza… My favorite is this GF pizza crust from Trader Joes. Yummy!
  • Bread…. We buy this brand from Sprouts. This one is Brandon’s favorite.
  • This GF flour mix (Homemade) or this one (store bought).

Favorite recipes:

  • Waffles are my favorite breakfast food. I was so excited when I tried this recipe. I added a few chocolate chips on top and it was perfect!
  • Cookies. We love this recipe, my kids can’t tell the difference. So good!
  • Cinnamon Rolls. I tried this recipe in the bread machine and I think I didn’t have my almond milk warm enough to activate the yeast. I will give these rolls one more shot because the taste was there, they just didn’t rise and were a little dense because of my yeast issue.

    Note: Not what my cinnamon rolls actually looked like but these sure look great!

Things I want to try but haven’t yet:

What are your favorite Gluten-Free recipes?  I would love to experiment with some more!