Eight Reminders for a Healthier You

First… a little back story.  I promise to get to the reminders real soon!

In September 2016 I randomly hurt my back – just by standing up.  I remember being in so much pain as I hobbled around my home.  After resting for about a week and realizing the pain was the same, I finally decided to go to the chiropractor for help.   AND it did, thankfully.  I was functional again after 2 weeks of every other day treatment.

Fast forward 5 months and we are hiking all over Taiwan.  Enjoying the beautiful scenery and culture.  Out of nowhere my knee starts killing me.  It didn’t stop us from exploring, but it did slow me down at times.  Very frustrating.

When Brandon and I made it home from Taiwan I was fed up with all this pain.  I am in my mid 30’s and felt I was too young for these consistent injuries.  This prompted a full assessment of our food and our diet. I am now a firm believer that food can heal.

March 13, 2017, we started a 30 days to healthy living program that is meant to eliminate toxins from our body.  We eliminated, dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods, as these are all inflammatory ingredients to our bodies.  Our food intake became primarily plant-based.

By the end of April, I felt amazing, a feeling of which I am now addicted to.  What was meant to be 30 days of healthy habits is now a new lifestyle.

I attempted the 30 days to healthy living program before but only made it 10ish days. What did I do different this time?  At one point this transition seemed impossible to me but somehow I hit the tipping point.  How?  I really wanted to understand this so I decided to analyze my journey a bit, and was able to come up with EIGHT reminders I needed to successfully transition into a longterm healthy lifestyle.

  1. Mindset, the biggest thing in my opinion. Prepare for it, want it, constantly tell yourself you can do it, seek inspiration from others, and stay focused.


  1. Plan ahead. Create menus for the week and grocery shop from that. Pick a day to prep for the week. It makes your life SO MUCH EASIER. Trust me!


  1. Find ways to enjoy your favorite things. I love brownies. Love them to death. BUT the way I like them was not on plan. So I found a recipe that worked. Gluten free pizza crust (Trader Joe’s has the best IMO), sprinkled with roasted veggies and just a tad of goats milk cheese is awesome! Research NEW recipes.


  1. Drink more water! It helps you feel fuller, digest food easier, prevent headaches, and your skin loves it, BONUS!


  1. Don’t expect quick results. All the stress and harm I did to my body did not happen over night, it was built up over time. BUT, know that in time, your body will cleanse, reset, and improve. Give your body time to feel the positive effects. It all came together for me at the 30-day mark.


  1. Research, research, research. Read food labels, know what is good, know what is bad, learn where your food comes from, and listen to your body.


  1. Cook your own food! It is possible to eat out- especially nowadays where almost every restaurant has ‘special’ menus. However, cooking at home is a lot easier.


  1. Stay Positive. You’ve got this! We all make mistakes and setbacks are inevitable. Just remember the lesson, know that tomorrow is a brand new day, and resume the positive course you put yourself on.


I still apply these eight reminders every day, and trust me when I say it is not easy but is definitely possible.

Does the 30 days to healthy living plan sound like something you need in your life?  It changed our lives and can help you reach your goals too.