Laundry Date Night?

First let me start by saying I hate laundry.  Thankful the process exists because we like clean stuff, but despise having to do it.  If anyone says they like doing laundry then they are liars and cannot be trusted. Sometimes it feels like we have mountains of laundry and we only have two kids, I can’t imagine you folks with three or four or more kids, have fun with that one.  I am sticking with two.  Leah hates laundry too.  If she enjoyed it I would not be writing this post.  I would let her have fun on her own, unfortunately that is not the case.  So here is the agreement we made which has worked well for us, and as crazy as it sounds, has me looking forward to folding laundry.

Most of the time our laundry is done during the day then folded at night.  If we are both home we tag team actually doing the laundry although sometimes I admit, I pretend to not hear the stupid little jingle our machines make when they are done in hopes Leah will take care of it.  Anyway, once done they are put in the living room for later.  When we are both ready to fold clothes we grab a glass of wine, put on a movie or tv show, dump the baskets of clean clothes, start folding, talk about whatever, drink our wine, and hang out together.  Clothes get folded faster, time is spent together, wine is drank, and a tedious chore becomes quality time with your person which should never be taken for granted.

Cheers to folding laundry together people!