My Favorite Things

Disclaimer:  The links provided below are not sponsored and I do not receive compensation (other than the Arbonne links) if you are interested in something.  These are my honest opinions on the products and I was not paid by anyone to add these on my list of favorite things.

You get a car, you get a car, and YOU get a car. Ahhh.. the best time waster…

I remember when I was in high school? College? One of those years – I would love the episodes when Oprah announced her favorite things. It was so exciting to watch the audience freak out (understandably) as they found out all these cool things Oprah was giving away were going to be going home with them. It was my time to just sit in awe of what was on her list.

Well fast forward several years and the announcement is now beautifully done on her blog.

Did you see the list yet? There are some unique things on it.

However, the cost of everything on her list, even with Oprah’s generous discounts, would bring your grand total to $12, 200.


It got me thinking- I am pretty sure I have some awesome stuff that others might dig as well. Spoiler alert though, you do not get a car. However, I will put links up for you to explore these amazing things ☺

But I know my items will not break the bank.

Without further ado, here are my favorite things, in no particular order.

Skin/ body care:

  1. This night crème. Yes, I sell it but even if I didn’t I would still have it on my list. It is a miracle worker as I sleep.
  2. This mask… I love a good clay mask! Yes, please!
  3. Lush Dream Cream. Make sure you get the self-preserving one.
  4. Jamberry for my nails. I love the cute designs of the nail stickers but LOVE it even more that the ‘stickers’ and polish are safe to use with no toxic chemicals. My friend Jenn can hook you up, she is the best!
  5. This lipstick. I love this color, the way it feels on my lips, and I know I am not loading my lips up with toxins.

Food and drinks:

  1. This cinnamon tea. It is really good on crisp, cold fall mornings but I think it is so good I drink it almost year around.
  2. Everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s. I love this on my avocado toast- so good!
  3. Smooth Almond Butter from Barney Butter. And it is made in California!
  4. Anything from this local (San Diego) company is delicious! We love the Raw Garlic Dip and their Sprouted Hummus! So so good!
  5. Immunity Boosters, not food or drink but I felt it could fit this category because it just works. OK. Done. Anyway- these little things have kept me healthy during the cold and flu seasons. I SWEAR by them!!


  1. Workout pants from Victoria’s Secret. They stay up while working out and come up high enough so that I don’t have to worry about my underwear showing, and are made with amazing material. No see-through pants- yay!
  2. These slipper socks. And they come with 2 in a pack!!
  3. Apple watch because it has amazing features and I can feel like a spy as I talk into my watch.
  4. Cardigans. I love almost any style. My favorite is one from express that I can no longer find in stores. I am also partial to Anthropology (side note- shop the sale rack) like this one or this one. 
  5. I love these Mantra Bands and their uplifting powerful words of affirmations. Mine says ‘Live What You Love’

Well, there you have it guys! That is a small collection of some of my favorite things.

Do you have specific items that you just cannot live without? I would love to hear yours.