Our Meaning of Adventure

I recently asked my daughters what they wanted to do this weekend, they shrugged their shoulders and said they didn’t know, shocker.  I said lets go on an adventure.  They both looked at me with their “great, what is dad going to make us do now” face (I see it often but really don’t care).  Then I wondered, what does adventure actually mean? Naturally my first step was Google it.  Here is what you get:

ad  Ÿven  Ÿture (noun)

  1. an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity


This is an important word to me and I am just not satisfied with this definition.  It is a life mission for us to consistently instill and foster adventurous souls in our girls and when they hear this word, I want it to spark specific meaning to them.   So…. my next step was to re-define it for us.

Starting the trail, Garnet Peak, CA

Going on an adventure means something different to everyone.  Some think of it as a perilous, life-risking trip around the world. Others think it is eating an exotic food, taking a road trip, hiking a new trail, or trying/doing/experiencing something new.

To determine what it meant to me I simply asked myself a question (which is not weird, do it all the time); What is worthy of me saying “Wow, that was an awesome adventure”?  This was not a question I was comfortable answering sitting at home, in front of a computer, didn’t seem right to me.  So I took the girls on that adventure I talked about earlier which was a 3-mile ridge hike to Garnet Peak (recommended, amazing views) where the Southern California wilderness meets the desert, a new hike for us.  During the hike I recalled experiences I have had in my life that I consider adventures, and I caught on to a trend.


1)  There was always some kind of anticipation leading up to it.  Whether I was a kid unable to sleep the night before Disneyland or on a plane about to land in Taiwan.

Lysefjord, Norway

2)  I was nervous for the unknowns.  The biggest part of my adventures was not knowing what is going to happen and being exposed to something new no matter what it was.

3)  It was a thrilling experience that made me feel excited, scared, and energized.

4)  Usually I learned something about myself I did not know I was capable of, or my kids and wife surprised me by taking risks I have never seen them take before.

5)  I was always excited to tell the stories and share the memory.


Taking all this into consideration, here is what adventure means to us, and what you can expect when you adventure with our family:


ad Ÿ ven Ÿ ture (noun)

  1. something that builds anticipation, challenges you with unknowns, thrills your soul, reveals something you did not know about yourself, and gives you a lifelong story to tell.


Now…. time to ask yourself a question (yep, still not weird)….

What does adventure mean to you, and how are you going to make sure you have as many of them as possible?