Leah Castle – Co-Founder.   I am a wife, mother of two girls, fitness instructor, health and wellness consultant, and love experiencing life everyday. Living a fun, healthy, active, natural, and chemical free life for me and my family is my priority. I believe we are better people when we share with others what we know and learn, and that we are at our best when trying to be an example for others. I try everyday to live a well-crafted life and want to help you do the same in any way I can. It is my hope that learnedbyus becomes a valuable resource in your daily life.

Brandon Castle – Co-Founder.  I am a husband, father of two girls, naval officer, and do everything I can to play outside, preferably near water. Being healthy, seeing new places, being outdoors, surfing, hiking, and camping, are things that bring me joy in life.  I am excited to have learnedbyus as a way to share with you things we have learned in our lives, our perspectives and ideas, and give advice on things we feel can help you balance priorities in your life.  You literally have thousands of choices when visiting sites like this and I am truly grateful you decided to visit learnedbyus.