Too Busy to Be Healthy…..Wait What?

A busy life is the most used excuse for not having enough time to eat healthy.  We know this because we used it a bunch, and it is the number one thing we hear from family and friends.  The bottom line is that in order to live a long-term healthy lifestyle you need to figure out the part of the equation where you get busy and are away from home base.   If you don’t, any attempt to transition to a healthier way of living will be temporary.  Once we learned this reality and began to work through it, the easier it got for us to maintain the lifestyle we wanted.

If staying healthy while life keeps you busy is a struggle for you, then here are three essential things you need to be doing.

You need a determined mind.

Think about it like this. If your mind is saying you don’t have time to be healthy then it is putting your body in a position where it will have to make time for feeling like crap.  Enough said.

You need to plan.

Your schedule will get busy and your day will get short.  Take time to think about your week, where you are going to be and what food you can bring for a quick meal.  Stock the fridge and pantry with healthy food that can be packed ahead of time.  Oh, need to keep things cold while you are out?  Cool then put it in a cold storage bag, we have a couple.  Have a plan for easy dinners and do your best to plan on days you know you will be getting home a little later.  Crock-pots can do the work for you while you are gone.  Cut up vegetables and prepare other foods when do have time so it can easily be put together when you don’t have time.

You always plan ahead for your bosses or managers at work so why shouldn’t you do that for yourself.  Yeah we can’t think of a reason you shouldn’t either.  Your body is the only one you have to live your life in and it needs some planning on your part.

You need to learn.

We wish we had taken the time to learn about the foods we eat and the impact it has to your body when we were much younger.  You learn the very very basics in school but then society takes over and wants you to unlearn what is important because they want you to buy from the dollar menu. Take the time to research good ingredients, healthy food, bad ingredients, and bad food.  Learn what you like and don’t like.  Know the restaurants around where you live and where you work so know which ones have your kind of menu.  Learn how to prepare and combine food so your body stays balanced.  Get comfortable eating out with others who don’t share your philosophies.  Once you learn to do these things then staying healthy while you are busy gets much easier.

A busy life is no excuse to put your health lower on the priority list.  If anything the busier you are, the healthier you need to be.  Try to prove us wrong.